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Did I mention how much I love winter?

I enjoy the smells of fall, but I really come alive in the winter. I don't complain about the cold as much as the heat, and I love snow. I LOVE SNOW! Feet and feet of snow. I even kick ass driving in the stuff (it's other people driving in the snow that I can't get used to). Anyway, these scents yanked at my heart and I placed my biggest order to date. This is just round one, I'm afraid. Midnight Mass is a gift for T, a ex-Catholic. He's always waxed poetic about the delicious mass incense. It's the only good memory he has of growing up Catholic. The rest are for me.

Sugar Cookie
Midnight Mass
Gingerbread Poppet
Midwinter's Eve 2005
Beaver Moon

I'm so proud of myself for not spending my paypal funds. The damage was actually pretty light. Selling my things early and making a killing on Harvest Moon helped a lot. Now my oil funds are gone until I can sell off more imps. Beth's tempted us with an anniversary surprise on Nov. 18th. What could that possibly be?!

I might join Snow Bunny and Stardust decanting circles. I'm eying Hearth (even though I see it turning out like Harvest Moon, too room scenty), Mistletoe (Hail Freya!), Yuletide and Snow White.
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