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Dodging a bullet

Considering the conversation obvious and I had about CnSs and our Hallowe'enie orders comewhere around 7 pm last night, I am so glad this is happening as of today. I think if I had to deal with knowing that there would be no packing of anything for 72 hours (however good the reason!), I might have followed through on my suicide by xanax & fun-sized Milky Way bar plans for sure.

But I have a CnS and presuming that it actually was mailed out yesterday (vs. my first CnS what I got on Columbus Day saying my stuff was mailing the following day), then I will have my Pumpkin Patch and Sugar Skull on Saturday and I can be a self-absorbed bitch and not care about anyone else's order (other than my Blood Moon but at least we'll all be suffering in terms of shipping delays).

subbes, I will do my best to get your Sugar Skull decant done before I go away on Tuesday assuming I actually get the order either on Saturday or Monday. That's entirely in the hands of the Post Awful.
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