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Okay, I'm not allowed to complain anymore

I'm not allowed to complain about not getting my stuff from the Katrina auction, at least not the Midway lot. I just got the frimps promised me...and I got:

Le Serpante Qui Danse
Belle Epoque

and decants of Love in the Asylum and Hexannacht.

Wow! Some people are really nice!

On the other hand, donors who don't send their stuff to shay_85 and make up excuses earn my wrath.
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Some people are awesome. Shay sent me my first imps, all for free. She sent me Pisces. She will always be a goddess in my eyes.
I am still jealous of that. You know I keep pulling out the swab of Pisces you sent me 2 months ago and sniffing at it like a lunatic.

Shay sent me a frimp of Kunstkammer with the stuff I bought from her too. It's nice. I'm on sensory overload now.
Good for you. :)

I haven't heard anything about mine (it's Scorpio and Luna the set is waiting on) but I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's just getting slowed down by the stupid Florida post office abomination.
What happened with the stupid Florida Post Office?

I'm still all set to do some donor bashing because it's the principle of the thing re: our auction lots.
Sending something from IN to the UK = 1 week, maybe 1.5 weeks
Sending something from FL to the UK = 3 weeks and counting

Sending things from IN to MS = 3-5 days
Sending things from IN to FL = 10+ days

Priority mail from the Lab to IN = 2 days
Priority mail form the Lab to FL = 4 days

It's like the moment something crosses the FL state line, it falls into a black hole for 2 or more days.
Eeeeeeeeek! I know a few years ago, they did some sort of survey and claimed that the collective Long Island Postal Service was the worst/slowest in the country but now it sounds like you might have us beat.

I still think the reason your auction stuff hasn't arrived has nothing to do with the PO though. Did you hear back from Shay at all?